Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Danland Topos

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Rocky Hill....No Tresspassing!!

the 'Rocky Horror' 5.10..the first big climb on the hill.

First Ascent of the 'the Canadian Arete'  
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'Dancing Cow'
Daniel Moor checking it out

Joe T on the 'Enchanted Broccoli Garden'  


'The Tarantula'

'the Matate'

'Digital Collapse'

Friday, April 17, 2020

A Trip up the 'Bottom Line' 5.10b....West Face .. Moro rock...SNP

The long thin Black Water Streak....Very steep in the middle with mostly knob tie offs. Spectacular and Bold all at once!

Lefty Throw as we work our way to the base.

Micheal Daly First Ascentist

David Hickey starting the First Pitch up to the Black water streak

Second Pitch is almost vertical ! 

Getting psyched for the crux pitch.5.10b..steep knobs!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Mo Moro....West Face...Sequoia National Park

On Zocalo Ledge at the start of the 'Offramp'

First Pitch Aerial Boundries….The Block on the top of this pitch is big and loose

Condor Ledge down on the West Face....We very well might have been the first 3 on this big ledge! The pic below of Dave is the oldest, 1983 and when we still had to put pro into the crack along the back of the ledge to be able to rap off. Scary as hell when you back off the ledge over 1000' of air!. Then bolts got put in and the pic above is Dave hooking up our rap to the bolts. As of now those bolts are over 20 years old. Steel ones too ..
David Hickey waiting to Rap off of Condor Ledge....Before the Rap Bolts....1983..During the First Ascent of ' T Rex'

The Long and Exposed Rap off of Condor Ledge

                                          Fun airy Traverse on the 'West Face' route

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Angel Wings and more...

the Angel Wings....aka Vallhalla
Top of Hamilton Dome looking across to the Angel Wings..  Chad Namolik pic
Granite Creek Spire....Christopher Templeton pic

Daniel Jeffcoach......research and pic

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wild animals and reptiles you'll encounter....if you keep a lookout.

Rattlesnake! Western Diamond Back

Taken just late last year. Probably headed to hibernate..
Not something fun to see when your lost! I wear size 10
Died trying to swallow a Ground Squirrel
Fricking Deer Tick, the Lyme Carriers, I tried to pull it out but the head stayed in!! This was second day hiking out. Itchy!